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Teacher: Elizabeth A. Winkowski

Horrible human being (as well as teacher)

Teacher Complaint About: Woodlawn Middle School - Elizabeth A. Winkowski

Illinois, LAKE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 8

Occur date: May 22 2018
Post date: May 24 2018, 11:16:50 AM

Teacher Complaint: Elizabeth A. Winkowski - Woodlawn Middle School

Mrs. Winkowski refused to teach my child all year and then gave him an F. She somehow cannot find homework packets he turned in. And tried keeping him off of his 8th grade boat trip. Whenever my child had a question, the only response Mrs. Winkowski ever gave him was- "look at your notes." My tax dollars pay her salary that she's only required to work 9 months for to receive 12 months income. It's not fair to my child to receive such a poor education. Some people are not meant to be teachers. Elizabeth A. Winkowski is one of them. She even took my son's year book away at the last day of school and would not let him get any of his friends to sign it, and was backed by the school because his chrome book charger did not have the same serial number as the Chrome book. The joy she got from that moment, absolutely sickens me. Woodland Middle School enforces this policy, which is ridiculous. They also charge $50 for a charger that retails for $15. Having said that, my son turned in a working charger, which they will not return. However they still demand the $50 for the charger. This policy is beyond ridiculous to strip a child from these memories. This is the worst teacher I have ever dealt with. When she finally called me back after attempting to suspend my son, she hung up the phone on me. She is definitely not a professional and should not be teaching children. This is the wrong way to send a hopeful kid off to the next chapter of their life.

Address: 6362 RFD/GILMER RD - Illinois, LAKE Phone: 847-353-8500

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