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Audubon High School

Teacher: Dr.vannoy

Horrible teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Audubon High School - Dr.vannoy

Wisconsin, MILWAUKEE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Jan 20 2012
Post date: Jan 26 2012, 12:52:43 AM

Teacher Complaint: Dr.vannoy - Audubon High School

All throughout the quarter, both of my children complained about this teacher. One is in 9th grade, the other in 12th. She's supposed to be an art teacher but she never had the supplies my children needed to complete the things she assigned. Also, she NEVER graded anything. I made sure my children turned in every piece of material. (it's an online class, so I know the exact date they turned it in) But she still hasn't graded anything, and report cards show my 9th grader has a 'D' and my 12th grader has a 'C'. How is this possible if she hasn't graded the materials? And how can she grade so low when she doesn't have the necessary supplies to be considered an art teacher?! I've also noticed on the parent assistant website, a site where was can see our childrens grades, that my 12th grader received an 'A' on her final exam, and a 'B' as her final grade in the class, before the exam. So how on earth can that average out to a 70%, 'C'? It doesn't make sense to me. I had my 12th grader try to talk to her about the low grades, and all the teacher had to say was "it's not my problem". Other students in the school say shes snotty and makes mean remarks about their intelligence levels when they simply ask her for help on a project, or ask for supplies. (which she doesn't have!) I've also noticed shes pushing her views on politics, and religion in her classroom. Which I thought was illegal in a public school. Something needs to be done about this teacher.

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