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Teacher: Laura Natalizio

Worst teacher ever!

Teacher Complaint About: Atlantic West Elementary School - Laura Natalizio

Florida, BROWARD
Author: T.
Grade: 2

Occur date: Oct 14 2013
Post date: Nov 14 2013, 01:44:55 PM

Teacher Complaint: Laura Natalizio - Atlantic West Elementary School

Laura Natalizio is, hands down, the rudest, meanest, laziest teacher I have ever encountered. She expects her students to be little robots. If your child is not a robot, then he will come home with endless negative comments in his agenda and endless complaints. I did think that at first my child was being troublesome until I realized that this woman is simply too old to have any patience whatsoever with him or the other "hyper" children in her class. Also, if you are unfortunate enough to have this terrible woman as a teacher beware of her wanting to put your child on ADHD medicine. She is a strong believer in doping up your kid just to make her day easier. And don't think communicating with this lady is any better. She knows how to send home negative remarks about my child but when I send a note back she never replies! When I asked her about this she told me "oh, I didn't get the note" (meanwhile, she wrote a negative comment in the column right next to my note. Seriously? When after only two months in school, she informed me that my child was going to be held back if he did not improve in his math and when I told her I would get a tutor immediately she said "that won't help". I find that Laura Natalizio is very incompetent when it comes to teaching young children. She needs to be let go. Our children deserve way more than a lazy teacher that only knows how to berate children. After having a tutor for only three weeks my son got 100% on a math test and guess what? He did not get a star, or a sticker or a "great job" the way the others kids get for doing excellent. Yes, my son recieved no recongition or positive feedback. Yet, she is a pro at writing unfavorable comments on my sons school work. After speaking with the principal about things my concerns, Laura Natalizio denied everything...of course. She is a bad teacher. She is not in tune with her students and this is shown by how she teaches only one way without any variation or notice of how students learn. She is impatient and short with students. Overall she is a dreadful teacher. Avoid having your child in her class at all cost!

Address: 301 NW 69TH TERRACE - Florida, BROWARD Phone: 754-322-5300

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