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Teacher: Mrs. Jennifer Nohavitza

If your child is not her ideal student, she will make them miserable

Teacher Complaint About: Clark El - Mrs. Jennifer Nohavitza

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 3

Occur date: May 07 2013
Post date: May 07 2019, 02:35:31 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs. Jennifer Nohavitza - Clark El

Mrs. Nohavitza is a horrible teacher and I do not see how she is still employed with the school. She has no fun to her personality and if your child is not her ideal student, she treats them like dirt year around. Instead of being positive she cuts students down with her attitude and demeaning mannerisms. My son was in her 3rd grade class and she was so cruel to him that he hated attending. My son has never hated school and we had never had a problem with any of his teachers. This teacher should not be employed working with younger children. She lacks the patience, compassion, and positive attitude it takes to successfully teach the younger children. Not only was she horrible to my son, but every time I showed up to pick him up, she looked me up and down in a judgmental fashion. She even spoke to me in a condescending manner. One incident with this teacher was during a field trip. The 3rd grade was walking from the community pool and my son found a shirt someone dropped. He picked it up and gave to the teacher and stated she just looked at him and told him what is she supposed to do with that. It was only 3rd grade that went to the pool so she could have easily thanked him and asked the classrooms if it belonged to anyone. Instead she gave attitude and told him to throw it under a tree. After a whole year of my son coming home unhappy and telling me about the way she treated him, I went to the principal to see if he could be moved to another class and voiced my concerns. The principal pretty much told me I was not the first and only parent to complain about her. He stated they hold workshops during the summer to help teachers with better relating to students and that they have hinted for her to attend, but that they could not make her. This spoke volumes to me and let me know she is just an ugly person. I have a friend whose son was placed in her class and she had a similar experience. Her son is diagnosed with ADHD and my friend noticed how impatient and rude this teacher is. I just hope she retires soon because her attitude and disregard for how her words effect her students has burnout written all over it. If you ever see this Mrs. Nohavitza, you are teaching in elementary! Have more patience and be kind to your students. You really broke my son's spirit and in 3rd grade made him hate school. Utilize positive reinforcements and do not be so negative! P.S. I may have tattoos and piercings, but that makes me no less than you. Thank you.

Address: 1100 AUSTIN ST - Texas, SAN PATRICIO Phone: 361-643-2361

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