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Orchard park. Elementary school

Teacher: Heather Mcgovern

Inappropriate behavior and incident supported by a counselor that was not at the scene.

Teacher Complaint About: Orchard Park. Elementary School - Heather Mcgovern

California, CONTRA COSTA
Author: Rojani Smith
Grade: 2

Occur date: Feb 02 2017
Post date: Feb 03 2017, 04:48:09 PM

Teacher Complaint: Heather Mcgovern - Orchard Park. Elementary School

Halfway into the school year I could not understand why my son is behaving so rebelliously and absolutely hate school. Then slowly I found out that his teacher has been segregating him away from other students and he was assigned to sit at a table that fits four students by himself at the back of the classroom. Heather McGovern have been sending me a detailed report of my child's daily activities and how my son is not listening to her all is negative,until the last two weeks. When I called to resolve a situation ones Heather McGovern started to tell me issues about another student which was a complete breach of confidentiality. The school tends to blame all my son's Behavior with what is going on at home and often makes excuses and exaggerated scenarios to get my son in trouble and highly suggested that my son should be in special education. Once my son came home and told me that he was asked by his teacher to stop praying before he ate his lunch and he was asked not to ever do it again. Of course when I called the school the school denied that it ever occurred. So nothing was done. Yesterday, February 2nd 2017 I our nanny was picking up the children from school and as my son was walking towards the nanny he was playing with his jacket and pretending to wrap it around his neck, Heather McGovern forcefully snatched my son's jacket from him and crammed it into his backpack, our nanny was Disturbed at how this scenario was handled because it was with Force and abruption. Heather McGovern informed the principal that Pamela Koch was present at that time and my nanny confirmed that there was no other woman at the scene besides Heather McGovern. The principal Didi DelChiaro supported Heather McGovern and Pamela Koch's story and said that the entire situation was handled appropriately. It is never appropriate for any teacher to forcefully and abruptly grab anything from any student and shove it and cram it in their backpacks. For me that kind of behavior is very concerning and explains why my son is extremely rebellious at school and hate school. Just so you know listening to Heather McGovern and the principals story I did had a therapist come to my house and observe my son and confirm that we have a very healthy household and fessional psychologist that confirmed that my son is a very bright young man and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. The school especially the teacher has made all of us believe that there is something wrong with my son not recognizing the effect that she has on my son when she humiliates him pretending that she is concerned about my son's well-being. The principal informed me that it is my nanny's words against Heather McGovern and Pamela Koch that was not even at the scene. So nothing will be done for this Behavior and Heather McGovern and Pamela Koch will walk away leaving my son with a very low self-esteem because of their negligence.Now my son will be moved to a different classroom and I just pray to God that he will have a teacher that will know how to encourage him and how to help him grow and not treat him any different.

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