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Teacher: Wendi Solinger

Inappropriate behavior by a teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Alice Vail Middle School - Wendi Solinger

Arizona, PIMA
Author: Yolanda Campos
Grade: 8

Occur date: Mar 26 2012
Post date: Mar 27 2012, 02:03:52 PM

Teacher Complaint: Wendi Solinger - Alice Vail Middle School

My son was in Solinger's drama class last year and decided this was not for him so when the year was over Solinger related the message to her students that if they wanted to come back next year into her drama class they needed to have a form signed by their parents, of course we didnt comply for the reason being my son had let me know he didnt care for drama. My son was still placed in Solinger's drama class this year. He tried to get out of this class but was given the run around by the teacher and ultimately the teacher told my son that he needed one of his parents to request his removal, so I did this with the help from the counsler. My son was removed and put into P.E. and a week passed when Solinger approuched my son at lunch and told him that she would continue to mark him absent since he was still on her roster, even though she knew he was removed to another class. I had to call and speak to the counsler once again and they said it would be taken care of. My son received his report card with Solinger's grade as an "F" of course a week ago and I called the school and left a message, the counsler called me at work and we where able to take care on the grade issue. Solinger then called me at work and I let her know that I had already received a phone call from the school and that it was taken care of, Solinger kept on speaking and said that the reason my son had an "F" was the he never did anything in class so I said once again that I had already spoken to the counsler about this incedent and that the counsler was going to fix the problem when Solinger said in an angry voice "What, Whatever". I then asked her if she did indeed just said "Whatever" because as a teacher I would think you would not want to act like a student. She said "well your not letting me tell you what is expected of me as a teacher" and she kept on speaking about my son I once again told her that I spoke to the counsler and she could tell them what is expected of her to them she then hung up on me. I feel that Solinger had no reason to ever go this far with a student. P.S. I also know that there are alot of teacher's out there who are Great teachers and deserve at least a "Thank You" from all parents.

Address: 5350 E. 16TH STREET - Arizona, PIMA Phone: 520-584-5400

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