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Albert Einstein Middle school

Teacher: Gary Kretzschmar

Inappropriate language by Gary Kretzschmar P.E and neither vice principal Michale Holt or principal Garrett Kirkland following up with me on the matter

Teacher Complaint About: Albert Einstein Middle School - Gary Kretzschmar

California, SACRAMENTO
Author: Nina Finau
Grade: 7

Occur date: Feb 01 2016
Post date: Feb 13 2016, 01:01:45 PM

Teacher Complaint: Gary Kretzschmar - Albert Einstein Middle School

Well there were a couple of incidents first being my son's bike tires were consistently be slashed and when I contacted Mr. Garrett Kirkland the principal on this matter and I contacted him twice on this situation and he never followed up with me or my husband regarding this matter. Which lead to my son having to take the public bus to school every day at the cost of $2.50 round trip each day. And then my son's PE locker lock broke and I left one message to Mr. Gary Kretzschmar the PE teacher which prompted him to tell my child "Your mother keeps calling and *****ing about your locker lock being broke!" And my concern is if there's nothing that can be done about faculty behaviors and how faculty remedies a school problem how are we as parents supposed to comfort and support our children when these types of incidents occur. I appreciate that there is a web site where at least we can make vocal that there is something really wrong with people who choose to be of service and start to abuse their power. Thank you, Nina Finau

Albert Einstein Middle school - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
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Nina Finau
Teacher In Complaint
Dec 05 2016, 05:12:29 PM
I want to remove this complaint?!

Nina Finau
Teacher In Complaint
Dec 05 2016, 05:14:49 PM
I want to remove this complaint?! I was upset when I wrote this I'm not anymore. Can you please remove this?? Thanks Nina

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