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Teacher: Joyce Eardley

Incapable of Listening to Students, Parents, or School Administrators

Teacher Complaint About: Stebbins High School - Joyce Eardley

Author: Katrina Sumner
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Nov 03 2015
Post date: Dec 03 2015, 01:05:01 PM

Teacher Complaint: Joyce Eardley - Stebbins High School

After nearly two months of asking this teacher for work that my daughter missed she continued to refuse. She was asked by myself, the court, school administrators, and other school officials. Finally it caused an argument with my daughter since she was going from an A student to an F student. That argument caused what began as a 2 day in school suspension and went to a 10 day suspension with request for expulsion while I was on the phone with the school. An expulsion was not done however my daughter was put into a different program at her school which didn't allow for her to attend her regular cl***es. Into the third month of asking for the work that was to be made up the teacher, Joyce Eardley has consistently refused even to the Superintendent of the schools. My daughter's high school career has gone from a striving, college-bound, filled with several extra-curricular activities and volunteering for the school to a failing status. This teacher has not had any disciplinary actions taken against her, yet she should. I await to hear from the State as well as Department of Education as such behavior can not only be blamed on a child for how they respond to a teacher, but the teacher needs to be held responsible for their delinquent actions.

Address: 1900 HARSHMAN RD - Ohio, MONTGOMERY Phone: 937-237-4250

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