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Teacher: Eric Wycoff

Incompetent moron somehow got a masters in teaching and uses that to prevent getting canned.

Teacher Complaint About: El Molino High - Eric Wycoff

California, SONOMA
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Jan 03 2020
Post date: Jan 09 2020, 01:09:05 AM

Teacher Complaint: Eric Wycoff - El Molino High

He barely taught us anything useful, and that which he did teach us was material already taught in earlier grades. We'll see how he does with economics, this semester, but US history last year and Government this semester has been a massive waste of my time. He has mandated "quiet time," which doesn't work well with my ADHD, and so I've tried to read or draw to stay busy, or even do other work. He refuses to allow me to do so, and claims that by doing classwork, I am distracting my fellow "colleagues in learning" from relaxing during class time. He also gave me a rather poor grade this semester, despite me doing several assignments which have not been put into the grade book (on time by the way).

Address: 7050 COVEY RD. - California, SONOMA Phone: 707-887-6550

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