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PS 859 Special Music School

Teacher: Dr. Sam Rawson

Inept Teacher, Plays Favorites, Mean to Students

Teacher Complaint About: Ps 859 Special Music School - Dr. Sam Rawson

New York, NEW YORK
Author: Amelia Krinke
Grade: 7

Occur date: Nov 28 2016
Post date: Nov 29 2016, 05:36:48 PM

Teacher Complaint: Dr. Sam Rawson - Ps 859 Special Music School

My science teacher, Dr. Sam Rawson, is inept, plays favorites, and is rude to students. Our marking period ends on Friday, December 2nd. Yet today, she told me I couldn't hand in the makeup work I had, even though I have been trying to hand it in for over a week.
At my parent teacher conferences two weeks ago, she told my mom that she would send my mom and me a textbook, because I was having difficulty doing the balancing equations homework. Two weeks later and no textbook.
I get sent out of the room every class for asking my friend a question when she won't explain it to me. But it's no wonder I don't understand it, because all she does in class is give us packets to fill out. She writes something on the board, we copy it down. It's mindless busy work.
It's science class, and we have done one experiment this year, which was weighing bubble gum. Weighing bubble gum!
She puts our grades on the board for everyone to see, and when I said I didn't want my grades displayed on the board, she said "get a zero then."
Dr. Rawson is unfair, inept, and unresponsive. She doesn't accept late work because it takes "too long to put into the grading system." She publicly humiliates children who didn't do as well, and she makes someone who used to want to be a scientist want to cry in class. I need something to be done.

PS 859 Special Music School - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
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Amelia's mother
A Parent
Jan 18 2017, 12:18:31 PM
i want to publicly apologize for the comment that my daughter posted. Her teacher, Dr. Sam Rawson, has addressed the issues that my daughter was experiencing in her class, as has the principal. This is a very frightening thing that students can so easily post negative (and permanent!) complaints about teachers in a public forum. I can tell you with no reservation that my daughter is too young to know the impact of her words.

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