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Teacher: Hopkins

Irrelevant Speak

Teacher Complaint About: Campbell High School - Hopkins

Georgia, COBB
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 11

Occur date: Oct 05 2015
Post date: Oct 05 2015, 11:12:27 AM

Teacher Complaint: Hopkins - Campbell High School

Hopkins was subbing for my IB Math Studies cl*** and when we came in she was listening to music on her iPhone before leaving until after the bell for a bathroom break. When she came back she didn't ***ign us any work and simply had our ***ignment written on the board without handing it out. We were free for about fifteen minutes before she sat on a desk and talked about how we can't smoke marijuana, fight, drive without a license, etc when we turn seventeen because then we can be tried as an adult and be arrested. She continued talking on, spouting nonsense, and touched on cyber bullying, suicide, sex safety (namely female condoms and oral sex and whatnot). Many people fed into it but many of us were uncomfortable and when we requested to leave one of the students was belittled. Another friend and I left to another teacher's cl*** to complete our math packet. None of the students are getting their ***igned work and according to another student she is still discussing sex. I believe this is highly inappropriate because (1) this is a math course, (2) she is not legally qualified to be giving us any sort of sex education, and (3) she was disrespectful to a student wishing to leave.

Address: 5265 WARD STREET - Georgia, COBB Phone: 678-842-6850

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Teacher In Complaint
Oct 06 2015, 02:47:56 AM
Look up the Georgia State Code of Education and find the Teacher's Code of Conduct. Some states word it differently but essentially it's a list of what a teacher must and must not do. If your teacher violated any of these codes, then file a formal, written complaint in accordance with your school's policy for formal complaints...most processes are listed on each school's website. Do not hand deliver the complaint, instead mail it to the school. Mail a copy to your district superintendent as well and if you'd like you can mail a copy to your local news stand. It's a triple guarantee that the issue WILL be resolved.

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