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Imagine Mountainview

Teacher: Irisi Miranda

Irresponsible and Disorganized

Teacher Complaint About: Imagine Mountainview - Irisi Miranda

Nevada, CLARK
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: K

Occur date: Oct 13 2016
Post date: Oct 30 2016, 09:41:49 PM

Teacher Complaint: Irisi Miranda - Imagine Mountainview

I went to visit the school and kids were using the restroom located in the classroom. Mrs. Miranda never checked to make sure kids in kindergarten were OSHA safe from disease exposure. I brought my child into the restroom after five other kids before her finished in the one stall located in the classroom; only to find that urine was completely saturated all over the seat and the sanitation wipes located in the restroom were not being used. She didn't tell the kids to make sure they're using the wipes until she saw me entering the restroom. She ran over towards me with a look of embarrassment, because she was not expecting me to enter the restroom. He classroom glass window is covered with a large piece of blank off white construction paper so that no one can see what's going on in her classroom. All of the surrounding classes on that hall is not covered in that manner. My daughter complained of her eyes hurtiing last weekend. I feel this is a result of excessive use of the Ipads in the classroom. I visited twice last week and the kids were using then Ipads for more than one hour. When I opened the door to enter the teacher was not in the classroom. She was entering from the door leading to other classroom. She has papers and sharp scissors all over her work desk. The alphabets on the top of the wall are incomplete as far as pictures to identify what the letters represent.She sends homework home that's not being taught in class. The kids are becoming disorganized due to her leading by a poor example. Yesterday I went to pick up my child in the car riding line and Mrs. Miranda called her name and my daughter stood by her waiting to be escorted to the car. The teacher turned her back and just stood there not paying attention. My daughter began walking towards my vehicle. She had made it all the way to my vehicle and I blew the horn while she was walking. Mrs. Miranda did not take ownership for not paying attention. She had my child to walk back and by that time I had to move my vehicle and she walked her to my vehicle and said, "she knows better than that." I was very upset and think this type of behavor is extremely unwarranted.

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