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Teacher: Vanessa Rogers

It started out so well...

Teacher Complaint About: E B Aycock Middle - Vanessa Rogers

North Carolina, PITT
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 8

Occur date: Oct 31 2016
Post date: Oct 31 2016, 07:23:04 PM

Teacher Complaint: Vanessa Rogers - E B Aycock Middle

Vanessa Rogers is an 8th grade ELA teacher that migrated from Michigan to North Carolina and came to EBA Middle in Pitt county, NC last year. My son, who normally brings home high A's and awards for academic achievement got his first sixty in her class. At first I though it was just a fluke at first because she seemed so nice at open house, and since I also came from Michigan I thought that might score my kid some points with her. NOT. Her second homework assignment which was assigned over a weekend was over 40 questions long, and required at least a paragraph apiece. Through some bit of luck, he finished it in time for school on Monday, only to have her assign part two, due tomorrow. This pattern continued for the rest of the week, and my son ended up having to call in sick for a few days just to catch up. Little did we know that she had been assigning notes to do in an 'interactive notebook' for those few days, and when he came back he was slammed again with work from her. My son is doing an online high school class at this time to get ahead of his studies, and has a 99.67%! By the end of this nine weeks he barely got a 91 because of her notebook checks on material my son never got a chance to make up, insane homework assignments mentioned like before, 'essential questions' which were test graded half sheets of paper where a number of 'key vocabulary' words had to be defined and then connected. I do not know for the life of me what the definition of a connection is to Ms. Rogers, because my son has had to use several sheets of notebook paper to properly answer the EQ, and grades range from 60s to 100s based on what mood she is in. In her syllabus, 'A' work is defined as going beyond what is required and getting more than everything right. I agree with that, more or less. But, if you write a correct sentence or a correct paragraph for her, you still get an 80 for both. There is zero communication between my son and his teacher, and neither want any. I emailed her about that second assignment, stating that my son was not sure he had understood exactly what was expected in the assignment, and she fired back with a downright venomous message stating she was confident with her teaching methods, the instructions were plainly written, scolded my son for not asking her any questions, and told me that the principal was confident in her methods as well. The next day my son received harsh retaliation and it has been mutually assured destruction ever since. My son comes home complaining about her every day and tells me about severe favoritism with several of the girls on the track team in his class. They all call her by her first name, stay after class to just enjoy her company, and can leave and enter the class at will.

Please put this complaint to use,
John Smith

Address: 1325 RED BANKS ROAD - North Carolina, PITT Phone: 252-756-4181

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