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Teacher: Thomas Davis

It's called teaching, not preaching

Teacher Complaint About: Franklin H S - Thomas Davis

Texas, EL PASO
Author: Alan Cohan
Grade: 12

Occur date: Jan 05 2016
Post date: Jan 07 2016, 01:47:15 PM

Teacher Complaint: Thomas Davis - Franklin H S

Mr Davis is a 12th grade Earth and Space Science teacher at Franklin High School. Despite the course name being self explanatory, it seems as if Mr Davis needs to be reminded what his role in the classroom is. He repeatedly has pushed his political beliefs, strayed from the topic of the course, and inserted many pseudo-science theories on us and I'm fed up with this. He has repeatedly and shamelessly shown his libertarian policy views and he even wrote the title to a book called "Creature From Jekyll Island" on the board and strongly recommended us to read it. At one point I felt pressured to read the book since it was on the board and I didn't want to disappoint my teacher. After some research, I found that this book is about a conspiracy about the Federal Reserve (which he has gone in depth about in the past). He also has wanted us to look into other pseudo-scientific theories (Grand Canyon being formed by God's great flood, electric universe theories, and other creationism theories that I cannot remember at this time). I wouldnt have a problem with this if he mentioned them to be unproven and almost unproven scientifically, but he doesn't. In fact he makes it seem like these are viable theories so some students may walk away thinking that this is real science. In my view, he has a curriculum and he should stick to it. He also has a reputation for sending students to the principal's office for non-qualifying reasons. One anecdote I remember is that I walked down to the office to get my chedule changed during this class and the teacher asked me "who sent you down?" I responded by saying "Mr Davis did" the lady replied by saying "oh god, again?". Since I was already aware of his reputation I knew what she was talking about so I told her it wasn't for diciplinary reasons, rather just to change my schedule.

Address: 900 N RESLER DR - Texas, EL PASO Phone: 915-832-6600

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