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Teacher: Cumberland Counties Best School

Jack Britt School System is BAD NEWS

Teacher Complaint About: John R Griffin Middle - Cumberland Counties Best School

North Carolina, CUMBERLAND
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Jan 24 2012
Post date: May 25 2012, 04:28:36 AM

Teacher Complaint: Cumberland Counties Best School - John R Griffin Middle

I contacted my sons teachers to ask why he had so many 50% on his progress report and I was told that when the child turns in NOTHING they give 50%. I said that wasn't okay with me and if he's not doing his work he should get at 0 just like he deserved. They said that it was cumberland county school policy to do this so that if a child wants to start bringing up their grade they have a chance to change it.... This is WRONG. This is exactly what's wrong with our society and our country. This is a perfect example of the sissification of our nation. If the kid chooses to be lazy and disrespects his teachers and himself and not do his class/homework then his grade should reflect that IN FULL. Their school grade is high because of this 50% thing. It's a scam. My son is finally trying here this last quarter and he may pass onto the 7th grade but he won't have learned or earned it....he will have been shoved into the next year due to this 50% rule. This is NOT OKAY. BAD POLICY~NOT IN THE BEST INTREST OF ANY STUDENT ONLY BEST FOR THEIR REVENUE AND TRICKING FOLKS INTO MOVING IN TO THIS SCHOOL ZONE SO THEY CAN HAVE A HIGH ATTENDANCE...NOT COOL.

Address: 5551 FISHER ROAD - North Carolina, CUMBERLAND Phone: 910-424-7678

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