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Teacher: Jeniffer Phillips

Jeniffer Phillips at Walton High School is a bully!

Teacher Complaint About: Walton High School - Jeniffer Phillips

Georgia, COBB
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 9

Occur date: Oct 02 2016
Post date: Oct 27 2016, 09:39:04 AM

Teacher Complaint: Jeniffer Phillips - Walton High School

Ms. Jeniffer Phillips is a Math teacher at Walton high school. Her biggest problem is lack of empathy. She picks up classwork for quiz grade, knowing that the students would not have done well, after only 10 minutes of teaching on the same day (not even the next day)! She is also not fair. She picks favorites and gives them full credit for wrong answers, while giving zero to others! She is a bully! There are multiple reviews on this teacher on ratemyteachers.com with students reporting that "you should stay on her good side"!
My kid who was a consistent 'A' student in all years of middle school (from feeder school within the district) started failing in Math, 40's and 50's were all too common! She ignores a kid in the class (as in won't respond!) who asks questions because she thinks he should know! She also told the class that she doesn't want parents emailing her about the "no partial credit" policy. She also told them that most of the kids just want to pass the course. Au contraire! Most of the kids there want to do well.
What goes around often comes back. Hope her kids find it hard to even get admission to KSU! We brought up the issue with the school administration and it went no where! Also read my school review on Walton high school.

Address: 1590 BILL MURDOCK ROAD - Georgia, COBB Phone: 770-578-3225

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