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Teacher: Mrs Brittany Helton

Kindergarten cl***room management when a child is not a robot.

Teacher Complaint About: Stewartsboro Elementary - Mrs Brittany Helton

Author: Shanita M Wilcox
Grade: K - Bus: 113

Occur date: May 18 2015
Post date: May 22 2015, 03:33:21 AM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs Brittany Helton - Stewartsboro Elementary

This school year has been the most adventurous experience for a kindergarten. I have a son named Kaleb. Kaleb takes Albuterol, steroids and FLovent HFA for his asthma. Some of the side effects of these medications include uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body, nervousness, mental/mood changes like depression and agitation. On top of this, Kaleb is an All American country boy. He plays football, baseball, helps on the farm with my Dad. They labeled him an overactive child. Ms Helton has proved on many occasions she is unprepared and unable to handle this type of student in her cl***. This whole school year it seems she has nit picked and looked for ANY reason to have my son suspended (in school/out of school) and away from her cl***. The most recent incident took place May 18, 2015, after the kindergarten graduation. After the ceremony, I take Kaleb back to his teacher happy, excited he has just graduated. Shortly after i leave the school, the school nurse calls and insists that i come get Kaleb from school because she states he is sick and has thrown up on his self, making himself cough from crying. My question is why is he crying? I go to eat lunch with him and Ms Helton says, he was sent to the office because Kaleb and a student were racing to be first in line. Kaleb was accused for something and he's trying to tell Ms Helton his side of the story and she tells me, I ignored him because i have 20other students to attend to. By her ignoring him, Kaleb then acts out and accused of stepping on the child's heels, throwing a fit at her desk so she sent him to the office. I asked, would taking a moment to listen to his side of the story possibly de-escalated the reaction? She constantly sends notes home, "Kaleb doing a lot of crying, Kaleb hit student, Kaleb not following direction, Kaleb cant sit still on the carpet." When i ask questions like, why was he crying? who did he hit? why did he hit a student? She makes you feel as if asking these questions are irritating like i'm not suppose to ask these questions.I would trust but on another incident the Vice Principal came to my home and stated Kaleb was in school suspension for fighting. I asked the Vice Principal, who was he fighting, she replies smuggly, he wasnt fighting. In fear of my childs safety i immediately got to the school to see what was going on. Ms Helton then states he was fighting me. I asked, "He hit you?" she said No, he wasnt following directions. So trusting these notes she send daily I must ask questions.As a single parent, she didnt think i would be as active and ask questions. To retaliate, she takes it out on the child. I offered to come help her with my child. I offered to sit in the cl***room, look outside the cl***room both options declined. I could only have access during lunch. She tried to label him special ed, that was denied. She wanted medication to slow him down. Kaleb's doctor stated she wouldn't consider it until at least 6months of usage from the behavior specialist. Ms Helton simply doesn't have the patience for kindergarten asthmatic children.

Address: 10479 OLD NASHVILLE HW - Tennessee, RUTHERFORD Phone: 615-459-4272

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