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Teacher: Krier


Teacher Complaint About: Conley Elementary - Krier

California, KERN
Author: Destiny
Grade: 3

Occur date: Jan 11 2018
Post date: Jan 11 2018, 06:52:56 PM

Teacher Complaint: Krier - Conley Elementary

My son's teacher is just a giant pain in the ass. My biggest problems are my son has a hard time remembering to put his homework into his backpack; number one reason why I have a problem with this is because nothing is checked to ensure that homework of goes home with a child in the first place. One thing I can guarantee you about a third grader is they're not always going to remember their homework. So, a little simple reminder just so they know before they leave grab their homework shouldn't be that hard correct? Wrong. Secondly, if a student has to leave early because of a doctor's appointment, a dentist appointment, or something else that requires them to leave early via being sick or whatever (vomiting diarrhea). It doesn't matter, it's not the child's choice to leave nor is it the teacher's choice to tell them that they're not allowed to pick up their homework until after school.. This is not high school, not Junior High School. There shouldn't be a problem with grabbing four pieces of paper before sending him out of the classroom. I can understand if she had to go to the back of the class and dig through a file cabinet and find this and find that, but it's not that big of a problem. It's so simple that all she has to do is to walk to his desk and stand there for a total of maybe 77 seconds. What I don't understand is that my child is being under credited and under cared for and treated like ****ing garbage because he's a human being I just want my son's teacher to do a good job of being a teacher and part of being a teacher is knowing that you're also partially raising somebody else's child. I don't have the most well-behaved child in the world. I don't have the best listening child in the world, but what I do have is an extremely smart little boy who deserves to be treated a little tiny bit better. I also believe that there shouldn't be a problem with me asking these things put the shoes on the other feet and if you can't then you don't need to have that kind of an occupation because you're really ****ing ****ty at it. One other think you have to have is the patience to deal with a kid that can be hard to deal with. Honestly though, I have done it for 8 years and it's not as bad as she makes it seem.

Address: 623 ROSE AVE. - California, KERN Phone: 661-765-4117

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