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Teacher: Randy Miller, Vice-principal

Lazy Vice Principle and Teacher J. Lackey

Teacher Complaint About: Tevis Junior High - Randy Miller, Vice-principal

California, KERN
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 8

Occur date: May 04 2012
Post date: May 04 2012, 06:56:45 PM

Teacher Complaint: Randy Miller, Vice-principal - Tevis Junior High

I am sick and tired of being called every single time my child gets in trouble or fails to pay his lunch money. My child is failing the 8th grade because none of his teachers care about his education. We get no calls, or emails, no letters, or mail from any of his teachers about my child's progress until the quarter is over. My child's failure is also a failure on the part of his teachers and the Vice Principle, all of whom are lazy. As a manager if any of my employees did not make attempts to help customers or other employees, they would be fired. It seems that because they are part of a union that they have the right not to care about my child's education. Also, where is the Principle Robert Machado? Why hasn't he stepped in to do anything? The entire staff is lazy and this is the last year my child will attend Tevis Jr. High. Even if he has to repeat the 8th grade (due to his failure of teachers and school staff) it will not be at Tevis Jr. High. We even hired a tutor, who also stated that all teachers and staff at Tevis Jr. High are lazy and uncaring educators. Just so everyone knows, I will be making official complaints to the Superintendent of Schools as well as California's Credentialing Department. I may be 1, registered voter, voice but my voice is loud!

Address: 3901 PIN OAK PARK BLVD. - California, KERN Phone: 661-664-7211

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Teacher In Complaint
Mar 04 2016, 07:05:02 PM
Yes it's all the teachers and administrations fault. Try looking in the mirror.

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