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Teacher: Ken Thornton

Left Wing Teacher not Grounded in Reality

Teacher Complaint About: Arnold (a. E.) Elementary - Ken Thornton

California, ORANGE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 6

Occur date: Feb 10 2015
Post date: Aug 10 2015, 04:49:44 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ken Thornton - Arnold (a. E.) Elementary

Mr. Ken Thornton was my son's 6th grade teacher. He is very left wing and delusional. My opinion is that whether a teacher leans left or right, he/she should stay professional and just teach. Instead he tries to brainwash impressionable 6th graders.

He also said things like, "artificial intelligence will destroy mankind." Seriously, he said that. I think he's watched Terminator 2 too many times. I don't remember how many times my son came home and told me that his teacher said the world is going to end in his lifetime. Disgraceful.

Address: 9281 DENNI ST. - California, ORANGE Phone: 714-220-6965

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Greg Santori
Teacher In Complaint
Feb 06 2016, 02:26:16 AM
While I don't disagree that comments such as those you reference are odd or even disturbing I really don't get why you characterize them as "left-wing". The idea that artificial intelligence will destroy mankind comes from science fiction--the praticioneers of which run the political spectrum. I mean the star of the Terminator films was Arnold Schwarzeneggar. Correct?

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