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Teacher: Ms. Cina

Lied to get me in trouble

Teacher Complaint About: Southside Community School - Ms. Cina

Arizona, PIMA
Author: Makenzie Uhl
Grade: 9

Occur date: Mar 16 2011
Post date: Mar 17 2011, 07:51:14 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ms. Cina - Southside Community School

This teacher is very rude. She continually tried to get me into trouble and got me kicked out of that school. I had went in a building that we wernt supposed to enter but it was so hot that day and the only cold water fountain is in there. (the ones outside are filthy and the water is hot.) She told us to get out and we did but she just kept following us outside and talking to us just trying to start problems. Then later that day the principle called us to her office and ssure enough she was there lying like always. So now we are kicked out of that school because of her.

Address: 2701 S. CAMPBELL - Arizona, PIMA Phone: 520-623-7102

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Teacher In Complaint
May 03 2012, 10:44:36 PM
Wow what a fucking bitch she is. She should be fired.

A Student
May 03 2012, 10:49:12 PM
Oh I'm not a teacher I'm a student lol.

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