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Teacher: Jennifer Zickuhr

Loser abusive teacher posted her students address online in retaliation

Teacher Complaint About: Pukalani Elementary School - Jennifer Zickuhr

Hawaii, MAUI
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 3

Occur date: Jun 10 2017
Post date: Jun 10 2017, 01:22:12 PM

Teacher Complaint: Jennifer Zickuhr - Pukalani Elementary School

I will not be the first or last to say that this Jennifer Zickuhr is unkind, unprofessional and unorganized. She's not racist even though she says she hates Filipinos because she hates ALL KIDS. She has yelled out numerous times in class how much she hates them. We left in March after getting stonewalled by principal Dimino and the inept DOE. I heard a complaint was filed against her and in retaliation, she harrased the hell out of the complaining student and her parents. Even posting their address online!! YES you heard it right. This Loser lowlife had a nerve to post a young child's address online in order to harass them. Shame on you JENNIFER ZICKUHR from Wisconsin!! You have been reported to authorities

Address: 2945 IOLANI STREET - Hawaii, MAUI Phone: 808-572-9557

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**** you
Jun 21 2017, 01:30:59 PM
ooooohhhhhh I'm so scared.....

go **** yourself

I see you read that email 53 times and forwarded it 9 times according to my friends at Hawaiian Telecom


youre both ****ing nuts

A Student
Jan 02 2018, 04:08:01 PM
Filipinos and all Asians are ugly. The only thing they are good for is cleaning bed pans

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