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Teacher: Alesha Tate


Teacher Complaint About: Sterling H S - Alesha Tate

Author: Olivia Xeller
Grade: 12

Occur date: Oct 31 2016
Post date: Nov 03 2016, 02:28:36 PM

Teacher Complaint: Alesha Tate - Sterling H S

My art of baking teacher, Mrs.Tate had told lies about me several times. The first time she emailed my mother saying I refused to put my phone up after telling me three times, and I had my phone out once and put it up as soon as she asked me too without giving her any kind of attitude. Then on Halloween I had my phone out again because I was doing homework in a class, she then asked me to put my phone away and I did so. This time she emailed my Assitant Principle and wrote me an office referral saying she asked me to put my phone up more than 3 times and I refused to do so. That day we were also playing a game and she called my mother saying my team lost the game because of me, when really we lost because my whole team didn't know any of the game question answers.

Address: P O BOX 30 - Texas, HARRIS Phone: 281-420-4500

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