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Teacher: Jeanee Fisher


Teacher Complaint About: Rancho Verde High - Jeanee Fisher

California, RIVERSIDE
Author: Anonymous Student
Grade: 11

Occur date: Oct 11 2016
Post date: Oct 12 2016, 12:43:31 PM

Teacher Complaint: Jeanee Fisher - Rancho Verde High

Technically this infraction has occurred within my Ap US history class throughout the whole year even in summer. This all started when my APUSH class was waiting on the summer assignment to be posted. Our teacher Mrs.Fisher kept giving my class excuses on why she could not post the assignment until finally the new school year began without a summer assignment. This unfortunate event had dangerous repercussions that inevitably led my class to become behind in our work. To make up for this trailing learning environment Mrs.Fisher forced our fresh class to do two big chapter chunk assignments within two days in order to make up for the work we missed in the summer. As time progressed, AP US History became a class that was more and more despised by all students. Mrs. Fisher is the sole cause for these events. Mrs.Fisher eventually got a calendar that was supposed to be absolute code of the class; however, Mrs.Fisher procrastinated in the midst of posting the assignments we were supposed to do causing the students to have two or less days to complete a entire chapter chart when the calendar stated we were supposed to have a week to complete these large assignments.Also, Mrs.Fisher has gone to the ends of assigning us with an assignment that we have to create and complete. So may say this influences our critical thinking, but truly this method of "teaching" is lazy and selfish.Finally, Mrs.Fisher gives assignments from home because of an injury she had gotten with her ankle, so this furthers the disconnection between the student teacher relationship. In conclusion Mrs.Fisher should not be able to teach an Advance Placement class because she is hypocritical, lazy, and unorganized. She does not truly deserve the honor of teaching the nation's finest students if she is not mentally prepared to do whatever it takes to enrich us with the material needed to succeed.

Address: 17750 LASSELLE ST. - California, RIVERSIDE Phone: 909-485-6200

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