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Teacher: Mrs. Minster

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Teacher Complaint About: Schurz El - Mrs. Minster

Wisconsin, JEFFERSON
Author: Joshua Ulm
Grade: 4

Occur date: Jan 30 2017
Post date: Feb 09 2017, 09:34:25 AM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs. Minster - Schurz El

I'm writing to seek help with something that happened to my daughter and some of her classmates. They had a sub in mid January and my daughter got sick and went to the office to lay down. During this time other children started to act up. Refusing to do class work. Since the office at this school doesn't keep track of students well. (This school is known for not being able to follow directions from parnets) but back to the real story. So the Monday after that the "real" teacher returns to work. At this gives all kids who didn't finish the class work a bin. A bin is what they call a write up. With this write up the students lose the right to do anything out normal class stuff. Mind you my daughter was in the office. She tries to explain that to the teacher but teachers are never wrong. So her mom and I let that go. Although a few days ago I'm informed there was a THIRD punishment for the children. To sit outside on Jan 30th on recess to do this homework. So far this all sounds fine. Till you realize the temp on that day was 28°. I reached out to the principal Andy Bare. Who stated to me countless times he didn't have any idea of what happened but during our phone conversation defended his staff with any weak excuse. We get a wind chill rule. If the temp is higher than that the kids play outside. Keyword is play. Playing creates body heat. Sitting doing homework doesn't! He refused to even acknowledge that statement. He than refused to talk anymore because he didn't see it going anywhere. So I said I'll do what must and have a good day. Next day I email about some of my finds and he's still defending his staff and twisting our phone conversation. Stated I even hung up on him. I had no problem with the bin and losing extracurricular things even tho my daughter was sick not a trouble maker that day. All I want was the teacher to acknowledge your mistake and apologize to the students. But it seems teachers can act however they want but if students act out of line they are endangered. Please help my daughter. I've called child services and they seemed unwilling the moment I said it's a teacher and school.

Address: 1508 NEENAH ST - Wisconsin, JEFFERSON Phone: 920-262-1485

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