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P.S. 241- STEM Institute of Manhattan

Teacher: Marcia J. Hendricks, Principal

Marcia J. Hendricks, Principal -BAD Leadership

Teacher Complaint About: P.s. 241- Stem Institute Of Manhattan - Marcia J. Hendricks, Principal

New York, NEW YORK
Author: M Delarosa
Grade: 2

Occur date: Sep 15 2015
Post date: Jan 03 2018, 01:04:19 AM

Teacher Complaint: Marcia J. Hendricks, Principal - P.s. 241- Stem Institute Of Manhattan

Principal Hendricks does blame the child.
(FYI: This was not the first incident of bullying) I had a similar incident where I and Ms. Hendricks witnessed my son being smacked across the head with a ruler. Instead of addressing the issue, she continued talking to the teacher. My son ended up running outside of the class crying. I asked her if she saw it, she gave me an mmhmm... and told me to go to her office. As we spoke in her office, I remember her stating that, my son needs at risk services. I looked at her confused. I said, he isn't at risk for anything. I told her that we both just witnessed my son being bullied. She said, he is not being bullied and that it was an isolated incident. I said, this was not first incident and I have reported other incidents where my son reported the same thing happening to him. We just happened to see it happen that one time. Trust me, my son went through the same thing with them not letting him use the bathroom. While he was there, it was hell. I felt helpless as a parent. I went to D3 and I was told to just listen to whatever Principal Hendricks says, even if she was wrong. NOT ONCE was any one was concern about my CHILD and how these multiple incidents of bullying affected him. There were days I would cry because I was scared to send him to school. But, I was threatened with ACS if I didn't. It wasn't 'til an ANGEL at the DOE helped me get him transferred immediately. Since, then he has been a happy loving and successful child. Although, he has to struggle with those memories. He is a very resiliant and strong child. I love him and I would never wish the treatment my son got to any one else child. Anyone reading this and are considering placing their kid here, DON'T. There are many other things I witnessed that I am not happy with. But, I saw the post above me and I felt like I needed to speak on my situation because we went through the same thing. The STEM Institute of Manhattan is a great program, but the leadership is BAD. Even a few teachers were scared of her because she could fire them or give them bad reviews.

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