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West Forsyth Highschool

Teacher: Janet Jones

Math Support Teacher Doesn't Support

Teacher Complaint About: West Forsyth Highschool - Janet Jones

Georgia, FORSYTH
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 10

Occur date: Dec 06 2013
Post date: Dec 06 2013, 06:18:49 PM

Teacher Complaint: Janet Jones - West Forsyth Highschool

please help.. this isnt one of thoes "my teacher sucks because im just not trying in class" sort of things.its extremly diffrent and no one believes us...heres some of the story..I signed up for math support thinking that it would be a good way to help me get good in my normal math class im having. The first moth or so it seemed okay i mean it was a little odd that the stuff we were doing didnt relate at all to what we are really doing in normal math. I ignored that fact and kept it going. about a week after we had a big math test that everyone truly needed help on. But she went on teaching stuff we heard about in near middle school. Polity i asked " mrs Jones is it possible we can go over some material on the test coming up" and she said "no we are learning this" not knowing what i did i caused a 'fire storm' the kids were upset and started saying they all signed up to get help on there normal math. this kind of stuff went on for a good month or so, after a while people would start to help each other if they didn't get it that only lasted for 10 min. ending by her getting angry at us,the kids in the class started getting defiant due to the fact she wouldn't let us help each other if we were stuck though . and between the months before now we started to get back on track finally. but then we started getting ahead. Current day i would say about 80% of the class gets confused on what shes teaching because she puts no effort! people ask questions and she would say she couldn't help them?? So today in class we had a worksheet in class ( and to clarify it wasn't a quiz or test i did make sure ) we all apparently got blessed with the gift of one question! that's when i decided im just done with this i got my phone out and recorded putting the phone on my lap. i called her over with an actual question because me plus the whole class struggled. But my question wasn't a "question" per say i didn't understand the way it was typed. as she came over and horribly described what i had to do, it was no help. But boom my only question gone! but i thought maybe she would be nice? nope.. i raised my hand again hoping she would help me. she comes over looks at my paper then walks away before i can even ask. Me not being to happy raised my hand again and she decided to come back. I again said " i dont understand what this is trying to say?" then her saying " you used your question i cant help you anymore. while she walked back as angry as i was i said calmly "mrs. jones as a teacher id think you have to answer my question"(being the fact that it was actually a math question she told me to "be quiet" i took it and turned it in forgetting that problem. After a while i hear people loosing there questions by not even asking stuff about math more about bathroom, or general stuff like "can i borrow a pencil" and stuff. This isn't the first "game" she played with us though. she made us get into groups and work on a worksheet basically competing for the better grade. My group was working and i actually tried as hard as i could.. we ended up loosing i guess you can say " every one lost basically " i ended up with a 50! for material i never even got because she doesnt teach well!.. stuff like this went all all year so far and its still happening. i went to a counselor to possibly get out of the class but i cant. i need help, because my parents don't believe me.. the principle wont.. no one does and before you think " hey kids come home complaining about teachers all the time " i know that's true but this one is extremely different im not learning anything. infact im getting in trouble more than anything ( and i do have to admit i am becoiming defiant my self and some of the trouble i get in is on me i get that )but i just want this to end for me and for my struggling class mates! im going into the counselor to show him my video soon, but again because im a kid i dont think he will believe me. even with the evidence.

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