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Teacher: Ms. Romano

Miserable attitude- shouldn't be a teacher

Teacher Complaint About: Manalapan-englishtown Mid - Ms. Romano

New Jersey, MONMOUTH
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 7

Occur date: Jan 16 2014
Post date: Jan 16 2014, 03:23:03 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ms. Romano - Manalapan-englishtown Mid

This teacher doesn't care whether a child understands the work or not. When you ask for help she merely says, figure it out yourself. Then she teaches another class called PBL. This is where students are "supposed" to be able to ask for help if they still don't get it. Again, she will not help you. She sits there on her computer for 45 minutes complaining about the amount of work she has to do. Again, she says, "copy down the notes". Copying down notes DOES NOT teach a child HOW to do a problem if they just don't get it. I have never encountered a teacher before like this one who just doesn't care and will not show anyone anything. She has an extremely strong personality and makes herself very convincing to adults that it's the child's fault. She threatens that if the students aggravate her that she will "beat them". If a student approaches her to ask her a question, she puts her hand up and says, "don't talk to me, go away, no one cares and I don't want to hear you". Her latest comment today was that, "She hates teaching, that it's too much work and that she's highly considering not teaching anymore". She states almost everyday how miserable she is and that she wishes she had the luxury to just sit around and not have a care in the world like the students do. This teacher cannot be approached for any kind of help. SHE WILL NOT HELP YOU. She is a mean, nasty, miserable, non caring "teacher" that obviously hates her job and wants out! No one wants to go to this class because of her bad attitude and she screams and embarrasses students in front of the class if they don't understand something. She brags everyday about how great she is. A student merely stated the room was very cold. She responded, "Just the way I like it. Cold like my heart". This teacher needs to be FIRED!

Address: 155 MILLHURST ROAD - New Jersey, MONMOUTH Phone: 732-446-8108

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