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Charles E. Boger Elementary

Teacher: Mallary Clutter

Mistreatment of Students, Who Aree Opposite of Her Race?

Teacher Complaint About: Charles E. Boger Elementary - Mallary Clutter

North Carolina, CABARRUS
Author: Sarah Sloan
Grade: K

Occur date: Mar 23 2012
Post date: Apr 14 2012, 01:06:14 AM

Teacher Complaint: Mallary Clutter - Charles E. Boger Elementary

In my opinion, Mallory Clutter isn't a fair teacher. She is over the K team and currently a K teacher at Charles E. Boger Elementary. She displays professional appearance on the outside (she will even grin in your face), take a closer look to see who she really is behind closed doors with your child?

My husband and I have written and verbal proof evidence, that leads shows how unjust she can be and her acts of discrimination against our son whom is African American. She has my son scared of her and has made going to school such a traumatic experience for him. She picks on him, tell him he lies and doesn't give him a chance. She has given him several referrals for minor incidents and when he was the victim of a harsh bite from a White student she told him "keep your finger out of other people mouths" and needless to say the White student NEVER got in trouble neither did my son receive an immediate apology. She never even contacted us about the incident and it was only after I contacted the school that she admitted to it.

She has some serious unfair issues going on an REFUSED to give the White student ANY discipline.

She chooses to deem higher, harsher punishments for African American students over her own race (which is White). I have it in writing and am currently following up.

I urge any concerned parent to keep an eye on how she treats your child. It may never get documented because she fails to document her actions but loves to document your child's (unless they are White).

Watch out for this one!

Charles E. Boger Elementary - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
Address: - North Carolina, CABARRUS Phone:

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