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Teacher: Vicki Chandler

Mrs. Chandler Spreading hate towards immigrants

Teacher Complaint About: Sandra Day O'connor H S - Vicki Chandler

Texas, BEXAR
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 11

Occur date: Oct 31 2016
Post date: Nov 01 2016, 11:34:30 AM

Teacher Complaint: Vicki Chandler - Sandra Day O'connor H S

The class was discussing migration during the 1800's. Mrs. Chandler turned the conversation into anti-immigrant discussion when she said that it makes her mad when people do not stand up for the pledge of allegiance. She said that if people do not like the way things are done in this country they should go back to "their country". This is very disturbing coming from an AP US History teacher. First of all, the recent case of that happening was in response to African-Americans dying in altercations with police officers. Not standing for the pledge of allegiance was the way a football player peacefully protested. He has a right to do that, whether we agree with him or not. She, of all people, knows this. By making this comment the teacher is saying that immigrants have no right to protest peacefully when they believe they are being oppressed. Other students joined in supporting her comment and this made many other students extremely uncomfortable. The class is mostly composed of Anglo Americans (these were her supporters) but there are several African Americans, Mexican Americans, and Asian Americans in this class. Students DO NOT need to listen to her personal opinions and feel targeted in her classroom. She used bad judgement and is promoting hate towards anyone that does not look like her. The non Anglo students belong in this country as much as she does and for the most part their families have been here for several generations even if they were immigrants at one point. In fact, I am sure her family also migrated to this country at some point as well. Therefore she should keep her anti-immigrant comments to herself. Even though my child is partially Anglo-American she was very uncomfortable because our family is very racially diverse (like most families in this country). This teacher should stick to teaching history instead of sharing her personal opinions and thereby setting a bad example for her students by sharing her anti-immigrant beliefs. She also need to reread The Constitution which states that rights in this country are not just for a specific group of people. They are for EVERYONE. This is what makes this country great. And this is what she need to teach her students.

Address: 12221 LESLIE RD - Texas, BEXAR Phone: 210-695-4800

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