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Teacher: Mrs. Daughtry

Mrs Daughtry hates my daughter to where she will hurt her

Teacher Complaint About: Creekside High School - Mrs. Daughtry

Georgia, FULTON
Author: Christina Lewis
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Nov 10 2016
Post date: Nov 10 2016, 04:31:40 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mrs. Daughtry - Creekside High School

This is a Grievance against Mrs. Daughtry. Mrs. Daughtry has a vendetta against my daughter Cierra Hurst. She has violated Cierra's Doctor's orders, changed Cierra's 504 plan and taken off diagnosis that were placed on there so that Cierra can't receive the help that she needs. She has disclosed Cierra's personal information to students and they were bullying Cierra. It was to the point to where Cierra would tell the teachers and no one would listen to her. Cierra has went to Mrs. Briggs and Mrs. Cameron and confided in them about being bullied by the girl. The girl has spread awful rumors about Cierra that were not true and when there was an intervention Mrs. Daughtry put my daughter in the same room as this bully and when my daughter went to walk out because she felt everyone was against her she stood at the door and threatened my daughter. She lied and down graded my daughter to her face. When the girl and my daughter got into a fight. Mrs Daughtry told the girls parent to press charges and even went to the extent of giving my personal number and I have messages of kids threatening to hurt Cierra. Then she called kids down to the office and threatened them to give messages that were not even known of. They all contacted my daughter we have those messages as well. Also, we have messages of the girl who was being the bully contacting people who knew my daughter to get proof of a fight but there was none. Mrs. Daughtry failed to protect my daughter instead she provoked a fight and instigated a fight and forcing my daughter to be intimidated by her and the bullies. I want to file this complaint. I tried to talk to the Administrator but I can't get past the phone call or a return call. I gave up! Please I really want to put this formal complaint through against her and I want her removed from the 504 coordinator of my daughter. Also, can you please make sure that she does not have any contact with my daughter, talk about my daughter nor be allowed near my daughter. My next step is to go to the news station. A complaint was already filed with the OCR against Mrs. Daughtry. I also am waiting on a phone call from the School Board Counseling Administrator. It is to the point to where I feel that she can't be trusted around my daughter. I appreciate it very much.

I have the messages if you need to see them.

Address: 7405 HERNDON ROAD - Georgia, FULTON Phone: 770-306-4300

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Nov 11 2016, 07:42:10 AM
not true

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