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Mission Vista High School

Teacher: Stacy Mcguire

Mrs. McGuire the worst Chem teacher ever.

Teacher Complaint About: Mission Vista High School - Stacy Mcguire

California, SAN DIEGO
Author: Anonymous
Grade: 10

Occur date: Oct 16 2016
Post date: Oct 17 2016, 12:22:04 AM

Teacher Complaint: Stacy Mcguire - Mission Vista High School

Before I start I wrote this as if I was speaking to the teacher.

Your an horrible teacher. You know that. We have done one single experiment yet this year, but you made us write a Lab Safety Website, that took most of us at least 3 excruciating hours. I genuinely dislike as a person you. We have lives and other classes you know that right. You give us more than an hour of homework every night at least and than on the weekend I end up doing a whole 10 hours of chem homework. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What is this? Busy work class? No its chemistry. We are supposed to learn something. And most of it is just busy work thats worth 1000 points and Im not exaggerating. The most recent one took me 2hrs and was worth 300 something points. Then there was one a month back that took me 5hrs and was worth 700 points. 700 POINTS FOR BUSY WORK. People play sports and have other classes that matter more to their careers, and they can't concentrate on them because they have to keep your class from ruining their GPAs. My other classes don't even come close to that for homework. And then their is the fact that you can't teach for your life. You terrible at teaching. Nobody learns anything in your class. It takes you an hour and half for you to teach one thing and then you taught it wrong any way. What a waste of my MY TIME! You waste an hour and a half of 30 kids time every day. Do the math. Oh wait I forgot you can't do math or spell. Here I'll do it for you. 45 hours wasted every day in class. 225 hours wasted every week. That's not counting homework. I could learn the right thing the right way in 10mins at home with youtube and my Dad. I'm lucky someone in my family knows this stuff, most kids don't have that. You threw a marker at someones head. Wow. Just wow. That is atrocious. Your an adult. No matter what a kid does you can't throw things at them. It is unacceptable, honestly if we went to a different school that kid would've sued you or the school and you wouldn't have a job. I don't understand why you haven't been fired. You should be. I have never ever had a worse teacher and I can almost guarantee I won't again. *I had more stuff here about how bad she was but some of it was pretty mean* You haven't actually had one test or quiz yet where there hasn't been a mistake that you had on your answer key. What is this auto grading online system. You wouldn't make these mistakes or use an online grader if you actually cared about your students. All you like to do is make us suffer so maybe your class has a chance of not completely failing. I have never worked so hard to keep an A and I had some pretty hard classes last year. Way harder than a normal chemistry class, but guess what. I actually a mediocre teacher in those classes. Your ruining my life pushing me to the edge. I play sports and I don't have time for anything but homework when I get home and your class takes up all the time before I need to go to bed and then takes up more time. Then I have to finish homework for other classes. By the time I go to bed its 11-12 already and I have to get up at 6 for school in the morning so I get 6 hours of sleep every night. On the weekends my body is so used to going to bed that late that I do anyway no matter how hard I try to sleep before that. And as I said I play sports I get up early on the weekends too most of the time at 630 most of the time. So 6hrs every night, because of you. Do you know how much sleep a growing male teenager from the ages 12-20 is supposed to get. At least 8 hrs of sleep every night, 10 preferably. You know what 2-4 hr difference of sleep does to a male teenager. It makes it so the brain works at less than its potential, it makes them make dumb mistakes, it makes them clumsy, and it stunts growth. You're actually stunting kids growth. Before I was getting at least 8hrs of sleep if not more and I was growing at least an inch a month if not 2 inches in a month. Now I haven't grown an inch in two months. Im supposed to be at least 5'10 I'm 5'7 right now. I better start growing soon most kids stop growing at 16 and I'm 15. I think I'm going to end it there. I have a lot more to say, but I don't have the time to say it. I wrote this as if I was talking to her to show people how angry she makes me and other kids. Honestly if kids get violent from video games than they get more violent from bad teachers. I have heard so many people say they want to kill her or hope she dies. Many times I have heard explicit details of how she should die. Anyway, I'm done. Sorry for bad grammar and if this seems offensive to you or vulgar. I did this while I was ticked. Thanks for taking the time to read this massive rant.

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Teacher In Complaint
Dec 21 2016, 10:25:13 AM
Totally agree!!!
My daughters, who loved science, now officially HATES IT!!
Great job to a clueless teacher!!

Steve Johnson
A Student
Sep 15 2018, 09:34:25 PM
I can confirm that not only is this true, it is dead on. Mrs. McGuire cannot grade or teach correctly. She doesn't give one ounce of her time to her students and instead decides to make us do 3-4 hours of notes and practices at home. I cannot wait until i dont have to think about this abomination anymore.

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