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Teacher: Christa Hannon

Ms.Hannon Does not Teach

Teacher Complaint About: Wwphs-north Campus - Christa Hannon

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 9

Occur date: Dec 21 2016
Post date: Dec 21 2016, 12:19:18 PM

Teacher Complaint: Christa Hannon - Wwphs-north Campus

Ms.Hannon does not teach. Period. She does not give us any lessons at all. Instead, she just hands out a 15 page packet from Brown University, and the next day, hands us a study guide, with the answers from the packet. SHE DOES NOT TEACH. She gives you no guidance or help when it comes to major projects and essays, and when you see a low grade, she explains what we did wrong AFTER we finished the project. She does not change the grade! I feel as she is a harsh grader, and that you need exceptional work to receive even a passing grade. In conclusion, Ms.Hannon does not teach us, or help guide us, and there was a review online posted by a student that says that he or she had to cram the entire curriculum the weeks before the test, simply because Ms.Hannon did not teach it.

Address: 90 GROVERS MILL ROAD - New Jersey, MIDDLESEX Phone: 609-716-5100

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