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Teacher: The Substitute For Mrs. Collazo While Mrs. Collazo Is On Materinity Leave; She Never Told Us Her Name

My Class is Concerned About Our Substitute Teacher and How She Is Significantly and Negatively Affecting Us

Teacher Complaint About: Southwest Miami Senior High - The Substitute For Mrs. Collazo While Mrs. Collazo Is On Materinity Leave; She Never Told Us Her Name

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Nov 22 2016
Post date: Nov 23 2016, 06:09:46 PM

Teacher Complaint: The Substitute For Mrs. Collazo While Mrs. Collazo Is On Materinity Leave; She Never Told Us Her Name - Southwest Miami Senior High

This teacher never told us her name and I can only identify her as the teacher who is substituting while Mrs. Collazo is on maternity leave. Mrs. Collazo is a great teacher and was very thorough when she taught. My class really liked Collazo because of her very good teaching skills as well as how easy it was connect with her as a person. The teacher who took her place, however, is not very thorough and extremely tough and confusing on grading. It's not her accent or her trying to speak English understandingly that is making her hard to understand - for my class that is for the most part Hispanic understands her very well even through her language barrier and we understand that she really is trying to make an effort to speak English well and we appreciate that - but it's her method of teaching that we don't understand. She seems to go all over the place and doesn't explain things well; she just reads off the powerpoints she is given. That, however, isn't the thing that is really bothering students because studying the textbook and getting help from each other is easy, but it's actually her method of grading that is really hurting and concerning students. She is one of those teachers that doesn't grade based on the answer, but instead based on whether we did the work exactly how it works for us. Math is a subject that should be open to many different ways of working out a problem as long as you got the answer right. This teacher grades very harshly and actually deducts points for every "wrong" step we did, even if we got the answer right. This is really affecting students' grades in the class, for students who used to have A's and high B's when Collazo was teaching them now for the most part have D's and F's with a few C's. She also doesn't seem to stay true to what she perceives as the "correct" way of doing something. In many instances, one student could get all "points" for one answer while another student could only get half of the points for the same answer even if they did the problem in the exact same or similar way, and this teacher could not prove that these students were cheating for in many instances this happens to students who sit way too far from each other during a quiz or test to cheat; and I've never seen a student with their phone out during a quiz or test. She in some cases asks students to come to her desk to explain how they got the answer, and even though the students she asks to come forward explain step-by-step how they got it and the way they understood it thoroughly, she would still deduct points from them. This happened to a student in my class on Tuesday. This student turned in the quiz before everyone sitting around them including myself. For one of the questions, they got the answer right and it was easy to understand how they got their answer, yet they still only got half the "points". When the teacher asked them to go to their desk, I overheard a little bit of their conversation, and from what I heard the student explained how they got the answer very thoroughly. When we got the quizzes back, that when the student saw the result of that question and started comparing their form of the quiz to a few other people with the same form including myself to see what they did wrong, something Collazo let us do when we got quizzes and tests back, and I nor other students I saw them check their quiz with saw anything wrong with it and I completely understood what they were saying. The teacher then came up to them while they were comparing their test with someone else and gave them attitude, saying "...I shouldn't even have given you any points" because you don't deserve it. This caused that student to get very anxious. One of the students that that student compared their quiz with even did the problem the exact same way as that student and still got all "points" while that student's grade was severely affected by a strange way of teaching and authority this substitute has been given off for the past month and a half. This teacher also seems very passively-angry many times if that makes sense. She seems like she doesn't want to be there and she gives a very large unprofessional amount of attitude to students, even when those students didn't do anything wrong. Many students are extremely concerned and anxious about their current grades in the class. I ask please that the administration can do something. Either investigate her way of teaching, observe her (though honestly when an authority figure is present in a class to see how a teacher acts after receiving a complaint never really works, for people in general, not just teachers, usually change their behavior in that type of presence in an effort to avoid penalty), interview the students of her classes asking them their experiences with her and assuring them that they will not be named to the teacher so they wouldn't have anything to worry about when reporting their experiences, or assign another substitute to substitute for Collazo until she returns from maternity leave. Please don't ignore this email or just push it aside as if the concern of a student doesn't matter, for my voice and concern is shared by all the peers that I've talked to and know also have this substitute when I have expressed my concern. I am respectfully asking you to please take some sort of action as soon as possible before it's too late. Thank you.

Address: 8855 SW 50TH TERRACE - Florida, MIAMI-DADE Phone: 305-274-0181

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MIAMI-DADE County Schools Acussing kids wrongfully

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