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Teacher: Ms. Segelquist

My daughters teacher and peer picks on her.

Teacher Complaint About: Avondale East Elem - Ms. Segelquist

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 4

Occur date: Feb 14 2012
Post date: Feb 14 2012, 09:09:45 PM

Teacher Complaint: Ms. Segelquist - Avondale East Elem

I really feel like my teachers child is pickin on her. She makes sly remarks to her and it seems like she gets in trouble for the most ridiculous things. For an example my daughter had gotten an her color card turn into yellow becasue she said " eww. " to another student. But as I remeber a two months earlier she couldn't go on a field trip and she started crying so the teacher pointed out that she was, in front of the class and said "aww she is crying." which really embrass her. In results the whole class repeated what the teacher said. Which made her feel bad. So that day she came home crying so I had went to talk to the teacher and she said the students started it. Of course I didn't believe it. No one in the class got in trouble for teasing her. But she got in trouble for saying eww.....
Everyday it's nothing new she gets in trouble for the most ridiculous things and on top of that she gets bullied by students in her class room and no punishment was made. When my daughter reach out for help from her teacher the answer she gets is " Tell your mom to talk to the princilpal." Now that really hurts that she cannot reach out to her teacher. Now I don't Know whats going on in this teachers life But I think that its her job as a teacher to make all her students feel welcome and safe. My daughter struggles to get up in the morning everyday because she don't want to go to school. I tell her she only has a few more months untill she relocate. IT SHOULDN'T BE THIS WAY. SHE SHOULD BE EXCITED TO GO TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY.

Address: 455 SE GOLF PARK BLVD - Kansas, SHAWNEE Phone: 785-274-4655

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