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Margret Douglas

Teacher: Ms Dunn,ms Damn

My son was choked and nothing was done

Teacher Complaint About: Margret Douglas - Ms Dunn,ms Damn

New York, NEW YORK
Author: Latisha Shaw
Grade: K

Occur date: Apr 16 2018
Post date: Apr 18 2018, 09:37:51 AM

Teacher Complaint: Ms Dunn,ms Damn - Margret Douglas

My son Mirical Richards was choked on 4/16/2018 from one of his classmates in his class he has asthma know one told me about the incident that occurred.. I went to class and the teachers said they sent him to the nurse. The nurse even said he was crying so hard..This is the same little girl that hit him last year and that grabbed him by his sweater n dragged him..At this point I don't feel my son is safe in the school at all.And for the two days me going back and forth to his class not one time did any adult mention my son hit the girl and all sudden now today the 18th the teacher wants to say my son Mirical hit the little girl that what was told to them..Not true at all.. I don't feel my son is safe anymore..

Address: - New York, NEW YORK Phone:

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