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Henry Barnard School

Teacher: Vanessa Percoco

Neglectful Teacher -- Fragmented Child

Teacher Complaint About: Henry Barnard School - Vanessa Percoco

Rhode Island, PROVIDENCE
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 5

Occur date: Dec 01 2019
Post date: Feb 02 2020, 07:16:32 AM

Teacher Complaint: Vanessa Percoco - Henry Barnard School

Elementary school teacher Ms. Percoco needs significant improvement in her teaching approach, methodologies, and more significantly in her overall presence as a role model for children in the classroom. Her manner and conduct amidst children is grossly lacking.

From an academic perspective, this teacher exhibits significant gaps in her understanding of basic mathematical principles and elementary rules of reading and writing. For instance, she merely glosses over mathematical solutions, marking what are mathematically incorrect answers as correct while paradoxically asserting mathematically sound solutions to correct answers as outright "Wrong!"

This disjunct in properly nurturing childhood learning translates to Ms. Percoco's reading and writing methodologies. Students' writing -- where Ms. Percoco demands a piece of writing composition every night including weekends with rare exceptions -- is left in a state of utter void: They are returned to children with no comments, no constructive feedback, no corrective edits, not even a symbol indicating that any of the pieces of writing have ever been read at all. Proper reading and writing on the part of children incrementally suffered and deteriorated over a lengthy period of sheer, horrid, gross neglect.

Percoco's presence in the classroom -- how she conducts herself amidst the children -- is fraught with difficulties in comprehension. This individual needs to manage her personal and professional quagmires in a manner that does not intrude upon the lives of children in the classroom. The children ought not to have to bear the brunt of Ms. Percoco's negative innuendos and expressly communicated sly slights against other instructors(we as parents also faced her pompous slights, leaving an everlasting "bad taste in our mouths" so to speak); nor should the children have to bear the burden of soap opera associations involving Percoco's boyfriend. Her reckless parades in front of the children with comments like, "My boyfriend only slept on this pillow once. Anyone want it?" is a manifestation of serious underlying delinquency. Photos of her partying and saluting cheers with her buddies are hardly proper decorum in a classroom setting.

Ms. Percoco, your academic deficiencies, behavioral delinquencies, and relatively unkempt, unhygienic classroom maintenance is a distressing breeding ground for aberrations in childhood learning and healthy development. The tangible reality -- the immediacy of the here-and-now -- is that these children spoke to these grave issues long ago, with a single voice, as the "whole child."

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