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Teacher: Mr. Couturier, Mrs. Hurley, Mr. Jieng, Mrs. Shapras,etc

Not Learning Enough And Misery

Teacher Complaint About: High School Of Commerce - Mr. Couturier, Mrs. Hurley, Mr. Jieng, Mrs. Shapras,etc

Massachusetts, HAMPDEN
Author: Anonomyous
Grade: 12 - Bus: 3

Occur date: Nov 11 2015
Post date: Mar 06 2016, 08:53:29 PM

Teacher Complaint: Mr. Couturier, Mrs. Hurley, Mr. Jieng, Mrs. Shapras,etc - High School Of Commerce

As a student I come to school expecting to receive an education. Unfortunately at the High School of Commerce the opposite is true. I come to school just hate my life and the way things are going. Teachers are not performing their task properly. Teachers are not doing their job. They will literally sit down in the middle of class pretending to be working when really they do not contribute at all especially in International Baccalaureate classes. I do not receive the help that I need and teachers are not caring or willing to put out proper instructions and to teach a class directly. I really dislike the school no one learns or works they just sit down in class with their heads down not learning a single thing. It is not a fun academic neither competitive environment teachers could care less about you.

Address: 415 STATE STREET - Massachusetts, HAMPDEN Phone: 413-787-7220

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