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Teacher: Yessenia Acosta

Not Qualified,

Teacher Complaint About: Eastside High - Yessenia Acosta

New Jersey, PASSAIC
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Feb 13 2018
Post date: Feb 13 2018, 07:54:43 PM

Teacher Complaint: Yessenia Acosta - Eastside High

Yessenia, or Jessie as she likes to be called, started out as a secretary. after lying for the principal during an asault allegation, she was promoted to teacher aide., where she quickly became the confidant of the schooprincipal and began earning his favor by reporting anything she could to the principal about staff members.

After spending a combined 7 seven years in both positions, the principal then very quietly aided her in acquiring a CTE teaching certificate.
Jessie then bragged to her teacher's aide about how she "got someone she knew to say she had worked in their restaurant for 7 years," falsifying her teaching cedentials.

It is unfortunate that this woman is allowed to pretend that she is qualiofied to be a Pasrty& Baking Instructor, she does not hold any certificates that attest to her qualifications, and the students are often frustrated at her lack of skill and knowledge.

Its a discgrace that any Principal would partake in this type of decption? What is his motivation? But, I guess beause his children do ot attend school here, and therefore not the ones being short-changed, his only concern is what is best for him.

Address: 150 PARK AVENUE - New Jersey, PASSAIC Phone: 973-321-0510

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