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Teacher: Rosemary Madriles

Not a good teacher, alchoholic, adulteress

Teacher Complaint About: Putnam El - Rosemary Madriles

Texas, EL PASO
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Mar 14 2011
Post date: Mar 14 2011, 02:19:34 PM

Teacher Complaint: Rosemary Madriles - Putnam El

Unfortunately I have to call this lazy,rude, alchoholic, adulteress a coworker. Because I work in the same school as she does I can confirm that she had an affair with a former teacher, his wife also worked at our school and their children were students! Rumor has it that she is currently also having an affair with another married man and because this girl has no morals I am sure that it is true. She is also a alchoholic who comes to school every day smelling of alchohol. She misses work all the time because she drank too much the night before. She is always hung over and in a bad mood. When she is like this she is mean to the kids. She is rude to her coworkers and to the parents. Many of them complain because she is rude and disrespectful and somehow she seems to think that this kind of an attitude makes her funny. She is mean and she does not treat her colleagues with respect. She talks meanly about her coworkers, the administration, the parents and the students. She should be charged with violation of ferpa. She makes a fool of herself at all of the school functions. She gets so drunk that she violently assaults some of the other staff and the administration does nothing. I have never observed her teaching but rumor has it that she is very lazy and does the minimum required of her. I am surprised that the administration has no backbone in any of this. I find this woman to be a disgrace to teachers everywhere and I would never want my children to be her in class. I hope that the administration will finally get a backbone and start the process to get this woman fired or at least transferred to another school. If they are truly after quality educators then this is what they will do. She sets a terrible example and she should be let go.

Address: 6508 FIESTA DR - Texas, EL PASO Phone: 915-832-6700

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Elizabeth Grant
Teacher In Complaint
Mar 26 2011, 01:48:26 PM
After reading this review and as a teacher at Putnam School, I am utterly appalled at the level of unprofessionalism and cattiness displayed. The teachers at Putnam strive for a cohesive team focused environment. We try hard to help and encourage one another not tear each other down. This is discouraging and embarrassing to read.
I have a good idea who wrote this. That’s why I know this is a personal issue. I have been working with Ms. Madriles since she first came to Putnam and have watched her blossom into one of our top teachers. Sometimes we don’t get along with our coworkers but this is a very unprofessional way of dealing with personal issues. Ms. Madriles is highly respected and liked by administration, coworkers and parents. She is one of the BEST teachers at our school! I don’t know about her personal life but I know that it has nothing to do with her professional career.
The real issue that needs to be addressed is- the kids and what kind of education they are receiving. Not some vindictive attack on a fellow teacher followed up with words such as “rumor has it”. The children love Ms. Madriles; she excels at what she does. I hope this doesn’t get back to her. It’s a cruel, petty way to communicate with a coworker. I would hate to see a good teacher like Ms. Madriles disheartened in any way from reaching our goal: teaching the kids.

Elizabeth Grant
Teacher In Complaint
Mar 26 2011, 04:27:30 PM
this was entered in with a pseudo name, I wish to remain anonymous. I felt that I needed to respond to what I read since I highly disagree with original author.

Karen Doyle
Mar 26 2011, 08:09:21 PM
A coworker contacted me this morning drawing my attention to this disturbing, nonsensical complaint about an esteemed, talented teacher at our school.

Miss Madriles has earned the respect of administrators, teachers and parents alike. Her students leave kindergarten above grade-level with a passion and excitement for learning and school. Her creativity knows no bounds and I am consistently impressed with her innovative lesson plans that often incorporate school-wide involvement.

I know this kind of admiration creates natural jealousy from teachers who are not at this level. However, this hostility does not need to be expressed through malicious, baseless rumors. If people dedicated more time to perfecting their craft and spent less time stewing over resentments than education in our country would undoubtedly reach new heights.

I will not share this ridiculous post with Miss Madriles and can only hope that all people who enter education drop their insecurities at the door and aim on enriching lives as Miss Madriles clearly has accomplished.

Karen Doyle
Mar 26 2011, 08:16:06 PM
I too posted this under a pseudo name for fear of retaliation from a disgruntled, troubled colleague.

Jingle Bells
Teacher In Complaint
May 11 2011, 05:28:31 PM
As the original author of this post I RETRACT these statments.

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