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Teacher: Nancy Gaertner

Not fit to teach

Teacher Complaint About: Southeast Hs - Nancy Gaertner

Oklahoma, OKLAHOMA
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 12

Occur date: Mar 07 2014
Post date: Mar 07 2014, 11:51:18 AM

Teacher Complaint: Nancy Gaertner - Southeast Hs

I believe Mrs. Gaertner is not fit to teach Senior English. She is not experienced enough to deal with the behavior of Seniors. When she gets stressed out, she tends to ignore other students and concentrate on what she is doing. Every time she gets stressed, she gets mad and takes it out on the students. Also, there was one incident in class where one of the students was being bullied and she sat there. One other thing, right now we are doing our senior research papers and we are supposed to "quote" from our sources but she hasn't taught us how to quote from different sources (i.e newspapers, magazines, books, and websites). If we don't cite them, she accuses us of plagiarism and tells everyone that if we plagiarize, we will not graduate.

Address: 5401 S SHIELDS BLVD - Oklahoma, OKLAHOMA Phone: 405-636-5008

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