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Teacher: Glover

Not teaching

Teacher Complaint About: Summit Intermediate - Glover

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 9

Occur date: Jan 15 2016
Post date: Jan 15 2016, 05:20:37 PM

Teacher Complaint: Glover - Summit Intermediate

The teacher has written tasks on the board, but they're not specific enough to follow sometimes. She just tells the class to do the tasks on the board and just sits at her computer or talks on the phone while everyone is misbehaving. When it was time to check our notebooks, she was about to mark off points but I told her I didn't understand what she wanted because she didn't explain. We have had this for 4 days now, since we started school. I thought I'd like the idea of using the books more, but she didn't even ask us if we need help. Most students are fooling around and their grades aren't so great. Last semester, I was the only A student in her class. Only a few people realized they needed their grades up.

Address: 5959 EAST AVE. - California, SAN BERNARDINO Phone: 909-899-1704

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