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Framingham State University

Teacher: Framingham State University


Teacher Complaint About: Framingham State University - Framingham State University

Massachusetts, MIDDLESEX
Author: Professor Jeffrey Johnson, Under His Tutelage And Guidance, Gave Me The Knowledge And Courage To Seek Out My Mba In Public Relations
Grade: N/A - Bus: 2008-Pres.

Occur date: Apr 29 2013
Post date: Aug 23 2013, 04:55:52 PM

Teacher Complaint: Framingham State University - Framingham State University

Framingham State College - UNIVERSITY

There is so much to be said, yet difficult to put into words, how profound an effect, and profound an impression Professor Jeffrey Johnson of Northborough, MA had on me. To describe him as giving; does not do justice to the raw and love passion he gave to teaching, and the dedication he gave at Framingham State College (now Framingham State University). Any reference to Framingham State College is limited to and in direct response, citation to the school newspaper that printed peculiarly belated publicity in the fall of 2011, as well as Appel v. Spiridon, 11-3799-cv (2d Cir. 2013) of the New York justice system.

Why is my corroborative characterization in the past tense, toward a beautiful soul still roaming the land, still as loving and kind? Is the past tense ironic? If there irony less so with my beloved professor and more so elsewhere? Yes. The irony is found in the system at Framingham State, something I only recently discovered; more on this in a moment.

After a two year long battle followed as part of a case study on academic mobbing behaviors and their increasing prevalence during the current economic downturn, all charges were quashed. This is not the first time one of the alleged administrators used tactics to injure the professional fitness of a faculty member.

Professor Rosalie Appel, a tenured Art Professor of nearly 40 years at Western State Connecticut University (herein referred to as WCSU experienced discrimination and professional misconduct was in violation of legal and civil rights of faculty by administration, among them, Ms Linda Vaden-Goad, the current Vice President of Academic Affairs at Framingham State University, and three other administrators (herein referred to as Vaden-Goad et al.) WCSU.

By way of innovative design and violation of union, legal and ethical items mentioned previously, Vaden-Goad et al. began an alleged mobbing campaign by making Appel a subject of a WCSU Art department-wide petition to protest Appels behavior.

Following the petition, Vaden-Goad et al. founded a special assessment committee to examine Appels conduct and develop an action plan to address any problems the Committee identified, ultimately calling for Appel to undergo a neuropsychological and projectives assessment.

The most unbecoming factor was Vaden-Goad et al.s due process violation clause of the 14th Amendment in ordering Appel to submit to a psychiatric exam while intending to access Appels mental health record and the results of the exam.

The recent Framingham State University case previously mentioned demonstrates a strong denotation that continued arrogant, unethical, union-violating and illegal behavior was not quelled by this WCSU case. Reports of grant investigations, teaching quality and adviser competence are common publication items that university administrations use to attack the target. These strategies are meant to suggest suspicion because investigations took place. University officials, especially those in the public sector, do not publish any counterfactual or meretricious proceedings on current or former employees, and jargon such as investigations; functions in school press to transfer guilt and defamatory suggestion onto the target.

After lengthy court proceedings, Appels due process claim was deemed meritorious to proceed against Rinker, Spiridon and Vaden-Goad. Appels 2006 claim of First Amendment retaliation claim was also deemed substantive and meritorious. Also, Appels claim of First Amendment retaliation arising out of a claim filed a year earlier will proceed against Spiridon and Vaden-Goad. Therefore Appel established a substantive case to proceed against Vaden-Goad et al. in their official and individual capacities. See the following court documents which outline the case.

Jeff did everything he could to advocate for students, especially students like me who has a language processing learning disability. He fought for me when I felt that all the doors closed, especially those doors belonging to the offices of professors who discriminated against learning disabled students. I know he has fought for students on matters such as benign as treatment of transfer students, and emotional as mental health awareness and kindness toward individuals whose backgrounds and identities are antagonized out of prejudice and gear.

Jeff once told me that a lot of professors, but not all, hold prejudice toward college students with learning disabilities. Prejudiced professors feel this way because they either do not believe they exist, they feel they justify unfair advantages to students, and they feel learning disabilities are a topic sequestered to primary and secondary education and bring down the quality of higher education. Professor Jeff Johnson fought for me against these prejudices.

And so it only seems ironic when I describe that while the college was trying to make students more aware of diversity and discrimination, I discovered that one of their own administrative leaders was found legally responsible for discrimination in a lengthy civil trial in Connecticut, after a faculty member successfully established a prima facie case of discrimination against her and several other administrators. Her position at Framingham, coming during and after this discrimination case, reminds me of a series of award-winning Boston Globe news in the late 1990s on how some of our institutions will promote people, rather than punish them, in order to protect their reputation.

No doubt is left that there is a cancer at play here. I have talked privately with faculty and staff who know Jeff Johnson. The common thread in all their feedback is that they are uninterested in commenting and participating in fiction. The fiction they do not comment on is the fiction of the false accusations that Johnson endured. Their lack of input was corroborative as no faculty, no staff would comment on the matter. Instead many faculty and staff highlighted contacting Jeff [Johnson] to assure him that their [lack of] comments was proportional to the amount of deception they felt was directed at Jeff: the fewer the comments reported in belated publicity, the larger the umbrella of fiction the administration attempted to build.

And in the end, a beloved professor was sacrificed in favor of the deception, and all the while protecting an administration comprised of leaders with a history of civil discrimination, and against a beautiful human being who fought against the discrimination of learning disabled students.

Charles Dusman, UK

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