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Seattle World School

Teacher: Oksana Britsova- Principal

Oksana Britsova- The Putin of Seattle Public Schools

Teacher Complaint About: Seattle World School - Oksana Britsova- Principal

Washington, KING
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Jun 15 2018
Post date: Jun 15 2018, 12:54:54 PM

Teacher Complaint: Oksana Britsova- Principal - Seattle World School

Oksana Britsova is another run of the mill bad principal in Seattle Public Schools.

Britsova lacks moral compass and will make a decision that is politically expedient. In 2013, she sided with one White family whose daughter was "uncomfortable" with Social Justice elective. Britsova shut down that class without involving the community in the process. She scapegoated that teacher until the teacher's union and city got involved.

In 2014, she ignored a warning that a troubled student brought in molotov cocktail because he was a nice White boy in SPED. The district had to investigate her.

In 2015-16, Britsova ignored numerous allegations of the rape culture at the school because these are "nice, White boys,"and we don't want to ruin their lives.

In 2017, Britsova was removed from The Center School to The World School. Needless to say, a leopard does not change its spots. According to the article below, "Britsova has taken advantage of the students’ vulnerability and targeted them based on their race, religion, national origin, or immigration status. She has since given her resignation."


The district needs to get rid of her rather than let her hop around.

Seattle World School - SCHOOL INFORMATION:
Address: - Washington, KING Phone:

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