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Teacher: Hector Loya

Parking Incompentence

Teacher Complaint About: Career & Tech Ed Ctr - Hector Loya

Texas, EL PASO
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: N/A

Occur date: Sep 15 2011
Post date: Sep 21 2011, 04:22:04 AM

Teacher Complaint: Hector Loya - Career & Tech Ed Ctr

At CCTE students are required to come via thei own car and or bus, the student parking lot is located at a considerable distance from the school. The bus system is incompetent sice the bus is eithe rlate or never arrived and if the student brings their own car the parking security Hector Loya will stalk the students and complain that their not parking where they should thus forcing them to move and menacing them with towing their cars, thats ause of power corruption.Hector Loya is a bully to the students at CCTE since hes yelled at several students and provoques fear and anxiety in them, I know this since i've come to CCTE and thats what I feel when coming here.

Address: 1170 WALNUT ST - Texas, EL PASO Phone: 915-545-5900

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