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Teacher: Molly Brennan

Physical abuse

Teacher Complaint About: Wildflower School - Molly Brennan

Author: Undisclosed
Grade: K

Occur date: Jul 31 2016
Post date: Aug 01 2016, 01:18:36 AM

Teacher Complaint: Molly Brennan - Wildflower School

Second day of school. I witnessed Molly Brennan push a little girl from behind because she wasn't standing in line properly. The girl wasn't expecting it and almost hit her face on the side of the schools brick wall. When the girl turned around and saw it was her teacher she was saddened by it and I could tell by her face. Mind you this is the second day of school and this little girl may not have even went to preschool. Brennan had a packet that was to be read before the first day of school and one of the things it stated was that your child was responsible for using communication and not physical force. Your child is responsible for this before entering class but to wildflower school, principal,dean and Brennan a teacher is not. I notified the principal and Dean and they did nothing. At the end of that day I saw the Dean outside of Brennan's class room and identified the girl that was pushed but instead of telling the mother right then and there he said he would talk to her "tomorrow." The school refused to do anything about the incident so I pulled my kid out. The principal even insinuated with me that I was lying because I didn't want Brennan to know who put the complaint against her. Would you want a woman who pushes kids around like it's no big deal alone with your kid all day behind a closed door after you make a complaint? After that day I could care less if they told her but not while she has ACCESS to my kid! Instead they made it seem like well I must be lying! They don't care about your children.

Address: 325 S. WILDFLOWER DRIVE - Arizona, MARICOPA Phone: 623-772-5200

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