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Teacher: Vice President Ritter

Poor Administration

Teacher Complaint About: Stewartsboro Elementary - Vice President Ritter

Author: Shanita M Wilcox
Grade: K - Bus: 113

Occur date: May 07 2015
Post date: May 22 2015, 03:33:43 AM

Teacher Complaint: Vice President Ritter - Stewartsboro Elementary

Vice Principal Ritter is a document falsifying, vindictive female. May 7th, my aunt p***ed away. The funeral was out of town over an hour away. Kaleb was to ride the bus home as normal and go to the next door neighbors home. My neighbor was outside waiting on him. The neighbor's daughter reminded Kaleb to go to her home as planned, Vice Principal Ritter overheard. She instructed the bus driver to let Kaleb knock on door and if no one answered, bring him back to the school. Kaleb was taken back to the school and was there until someone was able to come and get him. Incident Recent. Incident number 2-Ms Ritter came to my home and delivered in-school suspension papers to my home stating my son was fighting. When i asked her who was he fighting, she replied, he wasnt fighting. I stated I wasnt going to sign the documents until they were corrected. She stated w an arrogant attitude, I dont have to have your signature. In fear of my child's safety I immediately went to the school and signed him out. While leaving, she said, "He will have to do the suspension when he returns." I had a problem with it because to me, if he wasnt fighting, why was he in school suspension for fighting? After many requests to have that document corrected she immediately denied each request. It wasnt until a meeting with the Principal, Guidance Counselor, a representative from the Rutherford County Board, Behavior Specialist, Special Ed director, Child Psychologist, the teacher and myself were present that Ms Ritter presented me with a corrected document. Ms Ritter even retaliates against the children. My son got a bus write up for "choking" a student. I asked Ms Ritter to view the bus video to determine what happened. I explained I wouldnt sign until after she viewed the video and told me what happened. She called twice without viewing the video trying to sweep the issue under the rug and make me accept it. Finally the Principal and School officer viewed the video- the two children were patting each other on the leg stating i love school more. Kaleb gave him a side hug around his neck which was labeled a choke. (this is what they told me-it wasnt malicious or with evil intent) After that meeting the children were to do a Fun Run Marathon. After each lap, the adults were to mark each childs back acknowledging the lap ran. One lap Kaleb ended up in Ms Ritters line. She looked in his face, identified him and didnt give him credit for the lap. She then left that side Kaleb was on and went to the other side to help until the students were called in on a separate incident. I couldn't believe it happened until i realized, I was recording with my cell phone. She does NOT need to be in a leadership/administrative position with those actions.

Address: 10479 OLD NASHVILLE HW - Tennessee, RUTHERFORD Phone: 615-459-4272

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