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Teacher: Leigh Fields

Prejudiced BULLY!!!!!

Teacher Complaint About: Lakeview Elementary School - Leigh Fields

Florida, OSCEOLA
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 1

Occur date: Apr 24 2014
Post date: May 24 2014, 01:41:22 AM

Teacher Complaint: Leigh Fields - Lakeview Elementary School

Mrs. Fields will portray herself as the most perfect teacher, with 25 years of experience but if she doesn't like your kid you need to get your kid out ASAP!!! She will write them up left and right, ridicule them constantly in front of the other kids teaching them exactly how to bully! She is the bully but will find one student to project her vices on and turn the kids and other staff against.

Address: 2900 5TH STREET - Florida, OSCEOLA Phone: 407-891-3220

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OSCEOLA County Schools Does not care about the students educa
OSCEOLA County Schools Again with the stupidity
OSCEOLA County Schools Terrible Excuse For a Teacher
OSCEOLA County Schools Terrible Excuse For a Teacher
OSCEOLA County Schools Horrible Racist Ugly Overweight Nasty Teacher
OSCEOLA County Schools Cool Guy
OSCEOLA County Schools Not Teaching
OSCEOLA County Schools School
OSCEOLA County Schools rude and not helpful
OSCEOLA County Schools WARNING TEACHER BULLY and grade manipultor
OSCEOLA County Schools Grades

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