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Teacher: Judith Mcneil

Principal Judith McNeil must resign!

Teacher Complaint About: Walton High School - Judith Mcneil

Georgia, COBB
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 9

Occur date: Oct 02 2016
Post date: Oct 27 2016, 10:09:09 AM

Teacher Complaint: Judith Mcneil - Walton High School

The current Principal Judith McNeil abuses her powers! She must be forced to retire. She pulls policies out of thin air, with no documented policy to show! When asked, she says that the school is a charter school and hence they can do whatever they want. Even a charter school is a public school and is accountable to tax payers. While they have a waiver to decide their own policies, they must have documented policies! They can't pull them out of thin air, on the go! She has a personal vendetta against us because we critized her school Math department's grading policy and reviewed it online badly! The school allows 1 course per year to be taken online. So, we asked to take Math online. The assistant principal said yes to that in a written email confirmation. Then after talking to the principal, things went south! She pulled her charter status and said that we can't. She didn't show us any written policy regarding this (it doesn't exist). Normally, the principal is never involved in approving a course. The approval is done by the student's counselor in conjuction with the curriculum head. This was a clear case of personal vendetta and the principal abusing her power due to her ego!

Address: 1590 BILL MURDOCK ROAD - Georgia, COBB Phone: 770-578-3225

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Walton Parent
A Parent
Dec 19 2016, 05:20:52 PM
Petition to remove Judith McNeil as Principal of Walton High School:

Please sign if you believe that Ms. McNeil is detrimental to the school.

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