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Teacher: Amy Lukic

Psychological abuse/ Abuse of Power

Teacher Complaint About: New Brighton Middle - Amy Lukic

California, SANTA CRUZ
Author: Undisclosed
Grade: 8

Occur date: Apr 03 2018
Post date: Apr 15 2018, 12:47:26 PM

Teacher Complaint: Amy Lukic - New Brighton Middle

8th grade trip to D.C./NY (school won't accept responsibility because teacher was not acting on behalf of school)
My son and two other boys had difficulty getting along in a room. Prior to the trip they had asked not to be roommates and I had expressed concern in email and phone conversations with the teacher and she refused to change room assignments. When the conflict occurred she took the word over one boy (who locked himself in the bathroom all night) and blamed the two other students for the problem without hearing their side of the story. When talking to me she was rude, out of control, and spent an entire day texting inappropriate texts leading me to fear she was unstable and did not have the temperament to be leading a trip of this magnitude. I was never told exactly what had occurred, and she was accusing me of being unfair and ruining her trip. She waited two days to tell my son what his fate would be so he was in fear that he was being sent home (that was her threat) and could not enjoy his trip that cost $3000 and we had saved our change two years for so he would have spending money! It wasn't until they got to NY that she told him they would be losing their free time ( he had to stay with her ) The boy who instigated the event did not get a consequence because she saw him as the victim and never sat all three boys down together to get the whole story. The other boys parents refused to allow him to be sent home which enraged the teacher. I've seen the teachers inappropriate texts with that boys parents. The principal says it is not his issue since it was not a school sponsored trip, but since returning from the trip this teacher has told school staff and colleagues about what happened and now the boys are getting teased at school. She is unprofessional, bullied my son on the trip, and it was a form of psychological abuse to make him feel like he was going home for two days! A good leader would make all parties accountable, dole out a punishment and let the boys enjoy the trip they had been looking forward to.

Address: 250 WASHBURN AVE. - California, SANTA CRUZ Phone: 831-464-5660

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